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Purchase a Pre-owned vehicle with assurance. Schedule a qualified mechanic to conduct a thorough mechanical inspection. Call today for free quotes and bookings. Trade clients welcome, same day appointments available.

Our Services

Tailor your inspection level based on your desired thoroughness. Our inspections ensure mechanical and structural safety, providing insights on value for money.

Pre-Inspection | Contact-less service

Contact-less service

Pre-Inspection | Paint depth checks

Paint depth checks 

Pre-Inspection | Mobile around the UK

Mobile around the UK

Pre-Inspection | Reports


Pre-Inspection | Photo´s provided

 Photo's provided 

Pre-Inspection | Accident/repair findings

Accident/repair findings 

Benefits of Vehicle Inspections

We offer peace of mind, uncovering potential issues and ensuring transparency. Detect hidden problems early, make informed decisions, and purchase a used car with confidence.

  • Qualified Vehicle Inspectors

  • Used Car Inspections

  • Mobile Vehicle Inspection

  • Free History Check


Why Choose Us

Why You Should Consider Us For Vehicle Inspections

Our qualified vehicle inspectors provide a comprehensive mobile pre-purchase inspection, equivalent to AA Comprehensive Inspection & RAC Essentials Plus. Conducted by independent engineers with extensive mechanical and panel work experience, our inspections surpass budget mechanical-only checks by mobile mechanics. A BBC rogue traders investigation emphasized the necessity of thorough inspections, revealing vehicles with unnoticed significant previous accident damage even after passing through respected main dealer workshops. Our mobile vehicle inspections, conducted at dealerships or private sellers' locations, include a 300+ point check with suitable equipment. Before each inspection, a free history check ensures the vehicle's integrity, covering theft, insurance write-offs, and fraud. Receive your detailed online pre-purchase report promptly, along with inspection images and the engineer's contact details for further discussion.

Choose your Inspection package

Choose the inspection level that suits your preference for a thorough examination of your vehicle. Our inspections, conducted by professional mechanics, ensure mechanical and structural safety, as well as value for money. Gain confidence for your next car purchase with us!

“Great Service From Pre-Inspection Clinic, Saved Me From Hidden Costs & Bad Decision"

Alexa Young, LDN


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Offices Located in London, Oxford and Birmingham

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